Lady Stabs Ex-Boyfriend To Death Over N3k Given To Them By An Internet Fraudster

Lady Stabs Ex-Boyfriend To Death Over N3k Given To Them By An Internet Fraudster

Oluwatoyin Joshua, 26, got way more than she bargained for after a harmless visit to her ex-boyfriend turned her into a suspect in a murder case.


Toyin had gone to her ex-boyfriend’s place to see him. It happens that he was a hard drug salesman.

Her ex-boyfriend, Olayinka Adebayo, wasn’t present at the time and then one of his friends who is an internet fraudster came to meet her.

Apparently, he was traveling that day and he wanted to give her something for herself and her ex-boyfriend. He gave her N3,000, he told her to give N2, 000 to Olayinka (ex-boyfriend) and she should keep N1,000.

He left and she went to meet her ex-boyfriend, she told him what his friend had said but he didn’t believe her. He accused her of lying and insisted that he keep the N3k for himself.

Toyin said she wouldn’t give him everything and dropped his N2k on the table for him. He picked up the money and threw it at her then he started beating her. She was able to get away from him and she ran to meet an elderly person in the compound who advised her to leave that area.

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The ex-boyfriend followed her and dragged her back, continuing to hit her. He was pulled away from her but he kept going after her to beat her. While he was pursuing her, she ran to the kitchen to get a knife with the intention of only scaring him with it.

He continued to chase her around and then hit her at the back of her head with a broken tile and that was when she stabbed him in the neck with the knife. The suspect claims it was self-defense.

He was rushed to the hospital but he died two hours later.

Oluwatoyin Joshua has been arrested for the murder of Olayinka Adebayo.



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